The Process

When working with me there is a process involved in keeping the project on track so things don’t get lost and everyone knows what they are responsible for. 

Step One:

As mentioned on the homepage, we start our journey with a consultation call. This can either be via video chat or in person, however you prefer.

You fill out the questionnaire once we have date and times set, this gives me vital information on your business and what type of services you are looking for. 

Scheduling a time is easy, click here to go to the online scheduler and pick your date and time, I will then follow-up with an email confirmation and further instruction.

We will talk about what you have written in your questionnaire, your budget, your content and branding and the time frame that you would like the project complete.

You don’t have to make a decision right away to hire me as your designer, but please note that I work with 1 client per project so your start date may differ if another client has booked a design project ahead of you. 

Step Two:

Once we both feel that we are a fit, I will then draft a contract with a potential start date. Once the deposit of 50% is paid the project will start. There are payment plans available for the remaining balance after the 50% deposit is paid. Please note that websites and design files will not go live and be given to the client if the balance isn’t paid in full. 

Step Three:

A working timeline will be provided by me to the client with time blocked out per section/page of the website. I will provide this to the client via a Google Sheet.

There will be items on that timeline that the client is also responsible for such as copy. I can certainly provide professional insight on what images I think should be on the website and look cohesive with your brand and I am happy to do so. It is important to stay on task as all parties are responsible for sticking to the timeline to make sure that the project is complete and you are happy with it at go live date. 

I will stay in close contact with you throughout the process via email and possibly video chat and screen sharing. I like to work with one client at a time so I can focus on your needs. 

Step Four:

If you need branding such as logos and identity kits, these items will be created first within the timeline. Your identity is created with a series of mood boards and collaboration from you. You will choose from 3 designs that you feel speak to your brand and the type of customer you are wanting to attract. 

Once an identity is chosen and signed off on, a wire-frame of your website will be created. A wire-frame is a website design map. It shows a static version of the website design and where items will go on each page and how they will look and relate to one another, once this is signed off on, the website will be created on the platform of choice. 

Step Five: 

Website launch day! Website URL is live and email addresses have been created and tested. Break out the bubbly!